Choices for Horsforth Garden Sketch Design

The owners of this small back garden in Horsforth are prepared to do the construction of the design themselves. 

The back garden currently has a few disparate elements such as the circular patio, a lawn with awkward corners, and raised beds constructed from sleepers which were starting to rot.

The extension had required a balustrade and steps which were built in haste to satisfy the planners. The platform was very small and the balustrade obstructed the view from the living room. 

The access from the drive was down a ladder-like set of wooden steps which felt very precarious.

A pergola was requested, as well as some seating and new patio. There was a need for shelter from a persistent breeze which is channelled down the drive. 

The customers also wanted more than one choice for the space. 

The design was taken as far as a sketch design stage. This demonstrates the main structures and features of a garden but detail and material choice still need to be worked out.

Supporting mood boards were also made, showing the range of materials, pergola and fencing alternatives.

For both designs, the wind tunnel effect would be reduced by fencing or possibly a bin shelter further up the drive along with raised beds constructed at drive and intermediate levels. These could be filled with multi stemmed shrubs and other plants that would help filter the wind. 

The pergola, built-in seating and new patio will sit adjacent to the shed but link back to the garden entrance with matching paving and a ‘kitchen surface’ area where food can be prepared and cooked on a barbecue. 

Two alternative balustrade and step arrangements were presented. Planting opposite the extension doors would be impactful and soften the view from the living room.

A limited palette of materials toning with the brick extension will give the garden space the cohesion it needs.

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