Covid-19, Garden Leave and Social Distancing

Covid-19 Response from Essence Garden Design

Those of us that are non-essential workers are now staying at home and practicing social distancing.

For the first time in a few years I have been able to get on top of the seasonal gardening jobs in my own garden.

You may be looking at your garden, wondering how to improve things. Perhaps you would like the garden to offer more to you and the family. We may have to isolate ourselves for several months and that may well include the best of summer. This can focus the mind and galvanise us to make some changes.

You may have always wanted to grow some vegetables or salad. Now would be a great time to start your kitchen garden.

Many existing plants in the garden can be lifted and divided at this time of year. This often gives them a new lease of life and gaps in the borders can be filled and subsequent weeding is therefore reduced. Spring is the season to sow seeds and many seed companies are still operating. Hardy annuals can be directly sown into prepared patches of soil, or into pots for planting out at a later date.

Spring is the season to get planning and planting!

This is where we can help.

I will be offering a remote Garden Design service to include:

  1. Help with identifying your plants
  2. Advice on the maintenance of your plants
  3. How to redesign a border using existing plants with suggestions for additional planting if available.
  4. Advice on Container Gardening.
  5. A Remote Sketch Design service for your garden. I will be developing this service over the next few weeks. Please keep checking in.

Because our outdoor spaces are crucial for our wellbeing, Services 1-4 will be free of charge.

If any of the above interests you, please get in contact.

In the meantime here is some gardening advice for March:


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