Accessible Kitchen Garden, Leeds School

Big Lottery funding of a school farm also had to include an area that was fully accessible.

The area was mainly for the growing of fruit and vegetables. However it would also be used for other activities such as art and story telling.

The exposed and windy site  required a shelter belt of hazel hedging. This could be coppiced at 5 yearly intervals to keep it tight and also provide hazel as a construction material.

Inspired by ‘The Rhubarb Triangle’ a simple geometric design was drawn up with raised beds for vegetable growing. There were sufficient areas to allow rotation of crops. The fences were planted with fruit trees which were trained as espaliers. Grape vines climbed up the entrance arches.

Sustainability in action was important. Water butts were fed by water draining from the adjacent school building. aAgreen roof was incorporated on the storage shed and compost bins were also constructed.

Construction by Wilson Contractors and Hewitt and Son Joiners

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