Edwardian Villa Horsforth

The owners of this beautiful Edwardian villa in Horsforth wanted an overhaul of the outdoor spaces to match the changing needs of the whole family.

This sloping site required subtle terracing and careful drainage to cope with surface water runoff.

The inspiration for the design came from the square pattern on the front door and a similar pattern found in brick detailing at the back of the house.

For the back garden,  the garage was intended to be replaced with an outdoor room but as the design developed it was decided to give this space over to a patio and Pergola. This area is South facing and ideal for a terrace in the sun. Another terrace is adjacent to the house and patio doors. The two spaces are linked by raised beds and a series of steps. The  lawn is to be retained and increased in size.

Parking was to be restricted to the front garden so the old drive down the side of the house will contain storage units for bins etc and a raised bed with planting to soften the appearance.

The front garden accommodates the car and also has a smart set of steps and terracing leading to the front door. The material choices will reflect those of the building, namely sandstone walling and paving. The drive is intended to be laid in a resin bound gravel which on a permeable sub base will allow surface water to drain.

Planting in the front garden will be semi-formal and low maintenance whilst the planting in the back garden will consist of structural small trees and perennial planting with vibrant colours.

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