Family Garden influenced by Japanese Style

The owners of this garden were having an old garage removed and wanted to make good use of the extra space they would gain. They had a preference for a Japanese style of planting and design but also wanted to make it a low maintenance space.

With a growing family, there was a need for climbing apparatus, stepping stones and a swing and these structures are incorporated into the garden with no loss of style. One of the Torii gate pergola arches will form a support for the swing. Eventually it would resort to the pergola role of support for climbing plants. It also is intended to frame a small tree such as a Japanese Acer.

A larger patio and reconfigured steps will make this area more flexible for outdoor play and eating outdoors.

The lawn is circular and divided in a Yin Yang way with the use of stepping stones.

A mini cherry orchard intended to be composed of miniature Prunus shrubs will enable a celebration of the cherry blossom season in Spring (Hanami).

Planting suggestions and the cobble path as well as the gravel kitchen garden also reflect a Japanese aesthetic.

This design was produced up to a detailed Sketch Design stage because of budgetary constraints. The customers will decide themselves which materials and plants they wish to use to bring the design to fruition.

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