Front garden design for Victorian terrace in Headingley, Leeds

The owners of this beautiful Victorian terrace in Headingley wanted a garden design aimed at  simplified maintenance. They also required a larger patio and a new path leading from the front door to the garden gate. 

The garden sits south of the house and the planting palette will be in a modified English Garden style. The old cherry tree is well past its prime and will need to be removed. A specimen tree will be planted on the main axis of the garden. The raised beds alongside the patio will be planted with herbs. The western bed will act as a retaining wall to accommodate the change of level with the neighbour.  

The engine house of the garden- compost heaps and shed store- will be masked by free-standing trellis panels and climbing plants.

It is important that there is good traction and grip on the path surface and the material choice and paving pattern is aimed towards this. The steps leading to the front door will need re-configuring to reduce the tread height of the steps, making the entrance a more gentle experience.

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