Hospice Garden

A local hospice required a plan for a small enclosed space which linked to a room for hospice users, their family and friends.

This was labelled the Magical Garden.

The inspiration for the garden was the hospice logo of a daffodil. We worked with the Hospice users and their families and their views and ideas were used in the design.

The aim of The Magical Garden will be to transport children and adults to another place allowing play and distraction from some of their anxieties and worries. The walls provide a variety of semi-enclosed spaces allowing imaginative play. The seating is enclosed and almost private, facing the water feature. Clients and family can enjoy the play of light and movement provided by the water feature.

Plants will provide colour, scent, movement and texture. Climbers and small trees will occupy the vertical space.

The garden has been constructed now and will soon be used to support the hospice users.

completed Magical Garden

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