New Extension Prompts Garden Design

This back garden was barely used by the family prior to the design.

They wanted to connect their new extension with the outdoor space. In addition the garage was to be demolished as it occupied the sunniest aspect of the garden. A raised deck and pergola were proposed for this area. The Pergola is to be stained black to echo the new window frames and bifold doors. The hard materials selected are contemporary in style. Their orientation and the shape of the deck were changed as the design was finalised, to help fit the proposed budget. 

A circular lawn allows much of the existing planting on the boundaries to be retained. This will be supplemented with a naturalistic style of planting. 

Subtle lighting is also planned for the social spaces.


The garden has been built by Brad Ashton, Stonewell Paving and Landscaping.

Even without the planting the whole space has been transformed to the delight of the customers.

The planting plan has been completed and the garden will be planted up in the near future.

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