New Orangery prompts garden design.

The customers want to replace their conservatory with an orangery, with a larger footprint.

The severely sloping back garden needed designing around the new construction. 

A lower patio with room for dining was required as well as a smaller patio positioned to capture the late afternoon sun at a higher level. Additional requirements were retention of the existing alpine bed which would be viewed from the orangery, a pottering area and water butt, lawn and planting beds. Planting was to be improved to give year round colour and interest. The rear boundary features the neighbours’ tall mature coniferous hedge and several pollarded poplar trucks which are beginning to decay. Because the garden slopes up, away from the house, this forms the backdrop viewed from the conservatory/ orangery.

The soil is heavy clay and the lawn is very boggy in wet conditions. 

Some of the mature shrubs and small trees are to be retained and the low euonymus hedging (box substitute) is to be re-used in a creative way

The design will require new retaining walls and adjustment of the levels to reduce but not eliminate the slope.

A bold set of steps will form the main axis of the garden and lead to the lawn and upper patio. The side doors of the Orangery will lead to the dining area of the patio with built in seating and plenty of room for up to 8. The pottering area is accommodated to the side of the house.  This will allow a slim rectangular water butt to connect to an existing down pipe.

The alpine bed will be extended and slope down to the level of an exiting drain inspection cover.

The shape of the lawn and curve of the retaining walls soften the design and reflect the curved woodwork, a feature of the new orangery.

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