Odd-shaped Garden in Shipley

The customers want to use this oddly shaped part of their garden to better effect. This slither of land is set approximately 1.5m below the rest of the garden so access is part of the interest. A slide from the level of a deck is to be retained. 

The new steps follow a logical approach from the main garden and house, dividing this part of the garden into two. A kitchen garden/ allotment area is to be made more manageable by terracing. The upper level will be an area to grow espaliered fruit which are all hand grafted by the customer. The supporting framework will act as a balustrade at the level of the upper path which skirts around the house.

The other part of the garden is to be woodland edge in nature with a small pond. The existing decking will look out through a canopy of newly planted trees. These form a mini-copse and link the garden to woodland in the distance.

Sustainability and reuse of materials is important to the clients and the rubble stone which forms a rough rockery at the moment, is intended to be used in dry stone retaining walls in two tiers. Two existing flowering cherries will lend immediate maturity to the garden. A whacky element of this garden is the slide which will be repositioned but give an alternative route of entry!


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