Shed with Green Roof

It’s been a long project in the making with planning permission required for a shed deemed to be in the front garden rather than back yard.  However it’s all finally come together. Thanks to Outdoor Classrooms of Calverley for the construction of the sturdiest shed ever. The green roof is a sedum mix from Lindum Turf with their roof drain. The growing medium was from Green-Tech.

This is the first stage of a Rain Garden. By slowing and to some extent retaining rain fall, run off is attenuated. The drain pipe outlet is directed straight into the adjacent flower bed. The whole back yard has carefully worked out levels to direct all the surface water drainage to planting or gravel beds.

We’re looking forward to the flowering of the various species of sedum next year but in the meantime we will enjoy the greens. For all the benefits of green roofs see:

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